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What is the effect of purple cloud English honey?

Purple cloud English honey: honey is sweet and sweet, its main ingredients are glucose, fructose, very easy to digest and absorb. Purple cloud honey is also rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, phosphorus and various vitamins and amino acids, enzymes and so on. Therefore, Ziyun Ying has an important role in strengthening the body, improving brain power, increasing hemoglobin, and improving physiological functions. It has the effect of clearing heat diuretic and clear liver. It is often eaten by children to benefit growth and development and enhance disease resistance. Especially milk feeding infants, stool easy to dry, appropriate to eat some purple cloud English honey, conducive to digestion and sausage, pass. Old people often eat, can help digestion, cheer up the spirit, eliminate fatigue, nourish the body, prolong life. In addition to the effects of general honey detoxification and detoxification, it can also remove wind and clear eyes, reduce swelling and diuresis, and have certain auxiliary effects on wind sputum cough, sore throat, fire eye hemorrhoids, etc.. It is a good health care product for people with virtual fire.