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How to improve the production of royal jelly and the method of increasing the production of royal je

How can ability raise royal jelly yield?

1. Cultivate strong groups, so that the bees have a population of more than 12 frames. The royal Jelly is secreted by young bees and is the main food for the king bee and bee larvae. Therefore, to increase the production of royal Jelly, it is necessary to have more young bees. Strong group, And we should adjust the pulp production group in a timely manner. If there are only 6-7 frame bees, you can not capture the high yield of royal Jelly. Therefore, the number of young bees should be increased by promoting the reproduction of the plasma production group, so that the bees 'group may grow to more than 12 frames of foot bees, laying the foundation for the increase of royal jelly production.

2. Prepare the larvae of bees of the right age to ensure that the insect transfer needs to produce royal jelly in large quantities, which requires a lot of bee larvae. In general, for each bee royal plasma frame moved, there must be at least 100 school-age bee larvae. If you search temporarily before removing insects, it will take time and it will be difficult to find enough. Therefore, in the 5-6 days before each planned insect transfer, the empty spleen is added to the bees or double king group of the new subgroup to allow the queen bee to spawn. In this way, at the time of insect transplanting, most of them are age-appropriate larvae within 24 hours. Not only are there a large number of larvae, but also the age of the insects. The one-frame larvae can move more than 6 frames of royal plasma frames, and they can speed up the transplanting of insects without the need for temporary search. It saves time. It also greatly improved the efficiency of the work.

3. The implementation of reward bait feeding, stimulating the enthusiasm of the worker bee secrete the amount of royal Jelly, mainly depends on the number of worker bees. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the worker bee secretion, we should adhere to the implementation of reward feeding for the bees, and the reward feeding time is the night before the grouting. At this time, even in the honey period, if the honey source is insufficient or the honey storage powder is insufficient, the same reward feeding must be carried out.

4. Adhere to timely harvesting to prevent bee larvae from eating royal jelly on young bees. If the starch is taken too late, the bee larvae will grow up and increase their consumption and reduce the production of royal Jelly. Therefore, we must take the pulp in time to prevent it from being too late. It is generally scraped within 68-72 hours after the bee larvae have moved. The date of extraction is after 9 o'clock in the morning. Scrubbing carefully to prevent larvae body fluids mixed into royal Jelly, so as not to cause royal jelly bubble, affecting the quality.

5. A large amount of sugar feed, extending the production period of royal jelly production time, directly related to the number of production. In order to extend the pulp production period, we should seize the auxiliary honey powder source and the powder no honey period at the end of the large flow honey period, and combine it with a large amount of sugar feeding, so that the production period of royal jelly can be effectively extended to increase the amount of pulp production.